Monday, March 2, 2015

Go Go Goa


After about 6 months from my last Goa visit, I had wanted to tryout riding a bike.  My dream bike was the Bajaj Avenger Cruiser. I had even gone to the showroom but did not want to buy without a trial run.  I do not know any other place other Goa, wherein I could rent the Cruiser. I could get a Pulsar in Bangalore or a Hero in Mysore. But for a Cruiser, one needs to go to Goa.



Within a span of 20 days, I had the occasion to revisit Goa with my family (wife, daughter and my mom). In fact, during my last sojourn, I had come to know that the Goa Printing Press sales depot works five days a week and so I had planned my second visit on the starting day of my daughter's vacation with a view to purchase some law books on Monday 23rd March 2015.
On Friday 20th March 2015, I left office at 6-30 pm and reached home at 7 pm. I packed my clothes, had dinner and left with family in a rick to K.R.Puram Railway Station. The Chennai-Vasco express came at 8-30 pm and we started on our journey.

March 21, 2015: Happy Ugadi to all. Today was a holiday in Karnataka due to Gudi Padva (Ugadi- Kannada new year). The first stop we alighted was at Hubli where we had some flavored milk and later at 9-30 am we reached Castle Rock railway station. The above picture is of my daughter standing before the board of Scouts and Guides Training Camp. The primary school children are called Cubs and Bulbuls while the seniors are called Scouts and Guides. Castle Rock was the trekking paradise for adventurists.

This is me and my mom traveling to Goa in Vasco Express.

My family consisting of wife, daughter and my mom

Just like last time, we were anticipating to capture the videos of Dhoodhsagar Water Falls on this train journey

Scenic view of Western Ghats

After reaching Vasco Da Gama Railway Station at 1-30 pm, we had lunch at Hotel Pavithra and caught a bus to Panaji (Fare Rs.37/- per head -including my daughter, as there is no half ticket available in Kadamba Transport Corporation)

We are passing the Mandovi bridge in the bus

We later hired a car (Wagon R) by paying advance of Rs.3,000/- for two days.

I took a couple of photo graphs at the first petrol bunk we came across on way to Calangute

Paid Rs.300/- for petrol

Noted down the kilometer reading and the fuel tank reading

On reaching Calangute Apartmentwhere I had booked one BHK, I observed that there was a dent and immediately took a photograph

Made sure that the photo also captures two traffic policemen who were stationed near the Union Bank of India

My daughter is enjoying a Sprite

We later went to Calangute Beach

Me riding a Jet ski

My duaghter riding a Jet Ski

Mywife riding a jet ski

Me in a ferry across Diwar Island (Devadi Ferry). We also crossed Naroa Ferry to see Mayam lake and Ribandar Ferry back to Panaji.

Date: February 27, 2015- Left Bangalore in Golgumbaz Express
We left Bangalore at 7-30 pm on February 27, 2015. I had rushed from office at 6-30 pm. We reached Hubli at 4 am on February 28, 2015. An auto driver took us for a RIDE. (Capitalized because its a pun- he charged 50 bucks for a 30 buck ride and asked us to pay 70 bucks for an 8 kilometer ride- but in time we realized his folly and dumped him and took another auto to the new bus stand which was less than 3 kilometers)
We caught the 5-30 am bus from Hubli to Panaji, Goa (fare Rs.174/- per head) and reached our destination at 10-30 am. Arrived at Panaji Bus Stand Hired a Honda Activa for 300 bucks and went to Calungute Took bath at Calungut beach and at the room (rent Rs.1000) Went to Panaji after Arumbil beach and Fort Aguda Me at the War Memorial Some church On the steps of the church Mandovi bridge through the Kadama Transport Corporation bus bus travel- half an hour Mandovi bridge in the background Panaroma photo? Biana Beach Biana Beach Ate watermelon at Biana Beach Bogmalo beach Praveen and me Praveen near the Sealand aircraft at Naval museum- Vasco This was the first time I was able to touch a parachute used in real life. ;) Worth a selfie right? Models ModelsMODELS everywhere Why the consternation fellow? Where did the smile go? All real life models Biggest model on display I purchased this "NAVY" cap for hundred rupees at the Naval base with bill. A similar cap was costing three times at Calungute and Panaji. Gani purchased a dolphin key chain and Praveen Hegde a cup all for hundred bucks each.
Next is the start of an exciting journey. We caught a train from Vasco to Hubli at 3 pm. I was eagerly waiting for a chance to have look at the acclaimed Dudhsagar falls, which is visible only during a train journey.
My eyes says it all- the excitement of experiencing one of the highest falls in India Gave constant work to the phone camera- kept it charged up using my power bank The railway station nearest to the falls- cannot subdue the excitement The train is moving at neck-break speed pulled by 4-5 additional engines over the ghat section I cannot wait longer- give me more The beautiful scenery is no longer beautiful Passed few goods trains being pulled by 5 enginges ohhh. Will I miss the scenery because a goods train is passing? What did I miss to see on the other side of the goods train? Passing through tunnels after tunnels SATISFIED pose? You bet it. I had not closed the windows even when the heavy rains battered me in the train. Worth the time and effort. Willing to do again and again- for the breath-taking views of the falls I wanted a picture of the two engines pushing the train from behind Got it- I hope.
We reached Hubli at 10-30 pm. I went to town and found a Lingayat Khanavali (hotel in North Kannada- Kannada spoken in Karnataka differs from region to region. I could not understand at first when a guy asked me for Rokka for using Sandasu- later got to know that he is asking me to pay for using toilet facility). We caught the Gol Gumbaz and reached Bangalore on March 3, 2015 at 7-30 am.

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