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Trip to Anandalwar 961stbirthday celebrations at Tirumala Tirupati - February 22, 2015

Welcome to my photo journey through Tirupati Anandalwar Mahotsavam organized by TTD

Me and mom went to Tirupati by train on February 20, 2015,Friday in Chamarajanagar-Tirupati Express Train. Thanks to my aunt Kannamma Mami, who obliged and shared her seat with her as our waitlisted ticket was not confirmed.

After getting down at Tirupati Railway Station, we booked a room opposite to the Railway Station as our base camp at Tirupati

After having our bath, we left for the temples of Alamela Mangapuram and Govindaraja Patnam- of course we had to leave the camera phone as the same are not allowed inside the temples

Later we climbed the 7 hills by bus ;)

The scenery along the way was breath taking

Winding and winding the road went, pulling me into drowsiness and when I got up, my phone was lying at my feet ;)

After getting up, I snapped a few more pics of nature

It is so fun to watch the winding roads like a serpent lying on its coiled bed

It reminds me that the 7 hills are a replica of Adishesha's coiled bed, as perour poorvacharyas' and alwars' hymns

Even the 7 hills are named after different demigods- Vrishabachala, Venkatadri, Narayanadri, Garudadri etc.

Later we went to Anandalwar Thotam (Brundavanam) and alsohad to give my finger printand photo at the Central Reservation office

I later went on a stroll of Tirumala hills and caught a few snaps of the Gopuram of Tirumala temple

There is a slight visibility of Ananda nilaya Vimanam of Tirumala Shrine in the above photo

Back at the Thotam of Anandalwar, IcameacrossVidvan Srirama Sharma, who was former Principal of Sanskrit College in Melukote

Srirama Sharma called my aunt and mother and asked them about Muthamma, my grandfather Sampathkumarachar's sister. Srirama Sharma is an Araiyar at Melukote (Thirunarayanapuram Temple) and was recently awarded the President's honour in Sanskrit on last Independence day August 14, 2015

Sri Rama Sharma asked me to take a picture of a pillar wherein a Chakra was inscribed. He explained to me that this chakra had Ramanujacharya holding his Tridandam (staff)

This is a photo of the Chakram pillar with Narasimha below

Srirama Sharma was very well known among our relatives and friends

Then my aunt Kannamma and me went to see the processing of the Tirumala Tirupati Deity (one can see Ananda Nilaya Vimanam in background)

Please see Ananda Nilaya Vimanam in background of my selfie

We then had a darshan of the deity Malayappa

This selfie did not capture the god, which I so badly wanted

This is the best shot I could getwith as close to the palanquin as possible

My aunt and me went to have Varahaswamy temple darshan and returned on the mada street

Ananda Nilaya Vimanam

Thisis the vigraham of Anandalwar (stone statue outside his brundavanam)

Ananda Nilaya Vimanam in the dusk

next day we had darshan and enjoyed a party of watermelon with my relatives in the Narayanagiri Guest House

This is MK Srikanth, a family friend

This is my aunt AS Padma leaving for Mysore

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